hat evenin●

ent because there isn●'t anyone else at that end of the hall e●xcept the Stewarts and Mr.Fullerton.Then▓ when Mr.Fullerton and the lady came out and ▓went down together, this other lady was in▓ the hall again.I held the elevator fo▓r her, but she turned her back an▓d I went down. Did you take her do●wn later No, she must have walked do●wn. Can you describe her Did you se●e her face Na, she had a ▓veil on. Lyon inwardly a●nathematized the feminine expedient of wearing v●eils. Can't you remember anything about▓ her I didn't see her clos▓e, he said apologetically. Have ▓you told anybody else about

Mr.●Fullerton's visitor, Johnny ▓ Mr.Bede was here, asking me all abou●t her the next day. Did you tell him the sa●me things you have told me▓ I didn't tell him about th●e chain.I didn't think about he▓r looking at her watch until you rem▓inded me. Oh, well, that isn't important, ●said Lyon, carelessly.Did you m●ention the other lady to Mr.Bede ▓No.Was she a-comin' to see ●Mr.Fullerton, too Not● that I know of.What made you notice● her, by the way She was a str●anger.Most people that come here I know.● You've done very well, Johnny.Now ▓I want to see the janitor.What's● his name Mr

.Hunt. He procee●ded to look up Mr.Hunt, and prefer▓red his r

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equest that he be allowed to inspec●t the rooms of the late Mr.Fullerton, but he ▓found that functionary disposed to make th▓e most of th

e temporary import▓ance which the tragedy had conferred upon▓ him. Them rooms is locked up.The pu▓blic ain't admitted.The police has took the key▓. But

you have a duplicate key, you kno▓w. And what if I have Why, you could● let me in for half an hour. What for shou

e to pay for being a man of im●portance.I like to meet a m▓an of your sort.You'r

e not the kind to l▓et every curiosity seeker in.Bu▓t this is different.You know I am writing t▓his case up for the News and ▓I think I'll have to have you●r picture for the paper, with a little writ●e-up.No reason why you shouldn▓'t get something out of all

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